Improving the healthcare of communities in Honduras

Our mission is to improve the health of communities in Honduras.

The Brigade is a 501(c)(3) and USAID PVO Registered organization, founded in 1999 after Hurricane Mitch devastated much of Central America, particularly Honduras. Our initial effort was to provide disaster relief and subsequent efforts focused on providing curative services. Later, the Brigade added programs that provide sustainable community development interventions that improve health.


Empower communities to establish and expand healthier living environments through improvements to the quality of air, water and nutrition.


Reduce the impact of preventable diseases on vulnerable populations.


Increase the number of treatments, provide services currently unavailable, and expand community capacity for treatment in collaboration with local partners.

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Since 1999, the Brigade has:

  • Built over 400 smokeless Stoves
  • Provided clean drinking water to 7,000 people
  • Trained healthcare workers in 9 communities
  • Performed surgeries for 1,645 patients
  • Trained Honduran physical therapy providers
  • Distributed 30,000 pairs of eyeglasses
  • Distributed wheelchairs and walkers to over 600 patients
  • Distributed medications and supplies that support local hospitals and clinics
  • Shipped 20 40 foot containers of donated supplies,  equipment & medicine (value >$5,500,000)

In 2017: 

  • Distributed over 5,333 pairs of eyeglasses
  • Educated over 2,500 people about public health and sanitation
  • Distributed over 3,008 toothbrushes and 2,400 tubes of toothpaste
  • Performed 179 life-changing surgeries
  • Provided hundreds of physical therapy services
  • Distributed over 250 pieces of rehab equipment
  • Trained 12 Honduran physical therapists
  • Shipped one 40 foot container with equipment & supplies for two hospitals and 14 clinics

Our Projects


Medical missions

Every year the Brigade sends teams of experts to provide services unavailable to the poor in Honduras, such as: surgery, physical therapy services and training, vision screening and eyeglasses, public health education and more.

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Remote Village Project

A sustainable initiative that trains and equips Community Health Workers in isolated areas to deliver year-round treatment for common health issues like diarrhea, bronchitis, and parasites. The project also provides clean water, smokeless stoves, sanitation and general health education.


Stateside Volunteering

Our work in Honduras is also dependent on stateside volunteers. Our volunteers help with warehouse inventory, soliciting in-kind donations, fundraising and more.


The Brigade relies on volunteers for every aspect of our mission. Some of our biggest volunteer needs include: fundraising, securing in-kind donations, and warehouse sorting.

If you are interested in volunteering, we encourage you complete an application form under the Volunteer tab.

I find it amazing how the more energy you give the more energized you get.
— Debbie Deaton, RN, Public Health Team

You can also help by attending an event. See more upcoming events here.