Honduras Health and Emergency Medicine

We are excited to feature an emergency medicine training in partnership with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH) and Project Semilla this November.

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This three-day course will feature didactic sessions for approximately 100 interns/residents and medical students on the latest in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), followed by skill stations at which we will run mock cardiac arrests using simulators and mannequins. A similar course offered in May 2019 drew approximately 250 people to a one-day symposium on trauma basics.

The third day will include training and hands-on skill stations for approximately 40 instructors to learn advanced airway management skills, as well as intraosseus access, pharmacology of antiarrythmic drugs and leadership skills.

Supplies are being donated to UNAH by VHCMB and Project Semilla. VHCMB hosted a smaller emergency airway course in 2018 in Comayagua and co-hosted an emergency medicine symposium in May 2019 in Tegucigalpa. VHCMB plans to sponsor 3-4 physicians from Comayagua to attend the November 2019 training.

Emergency Medicine (EM) is a specialty that has existed in the US since 1980, though it is nonexistent in Honduras. The expertise and level of training by physicians manning ED’s throughout the nation is inadequate. Honduras has one of the highest homicides and trauma rates in the world, and the presence of EM skills is woefully inadequate.

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The goal of our partnership to develop these courses is to train existing physicians who are practicing now, as well as to one day establish an EM residency in Honduras. The latter requires substantial commitment and support from the Ministry of Health.