Care That's Contagious - Rosa and Rosy

As a native Honduran and Director of Operations for the Brigade in Honduras, I treasure the relationships that I get to build with our friends in the remote mountain villages outside of Comayagua.

In these villages, we train community health workers through a curriculum developed by the Brigade that is customized to address the most common diseases they face. The result is that residents have access to services that otherwise would not be available.

One of these communities is San Antonio de la Libertád, where I have gotten to know Rosa and her daughter Rosy, both of whom are dedicated to the health of their family, friends and neighbors.

A Story of Family and Health

A community health worker for the past ten years, Rosa’s care for her community is contagious, so much so that her daughter Rosy wants to follow in her footsteps.

What is most impressive about both Rosa and Rosy is their desire to teach others. Not only do they enjoy the practice of medicine, but they also like to share what they know.

In fact, during our April site visit, Rosy was able to show new health workers how to use the medical record software at the clinic to document patient visits, symptoms, and distribution of medicine.

Rosy told me, “I feel very content doing this work like my mother. I would like to continue in her footsteps, focusing on educating the children most of all.”

Indeed, Rosy enjoys teaching children about basic hygiene and healthy habits, especially since she has a son of her own who she wants to grow up to be healthy and strong.